Among its advantages, the Outsourcing Service ensures that the customer obtains excellence in purchasing and procurement services from qualified and experienced professionals. In addition, provides to customers operating costs decrease, increase in process efficiency, extinction of backlogs and consequently a gradual improvement in the productivity of their employees.

We evaluate the individual needs of each company and then design purchase packages solutions according to their demands and needs. Once this phase is completed, we dedicate to manage from small purchases of low value materials to the complete package of supplies encompassing all material and equipment families. Assuming a strategic focus on purchasing, the customer can define the best way to absorb the benefit from Nautique Solutions’ Purchasing Services, based on parameters such as the ABC Curve and Kraljic Purchasing Model, widely sowed in the market.

Our team has solid know-how and develops the procurement process of the items, equipment and parts of the following material families:

  • Ventilation / HVAC
  • Accommodation / Catering
  • Galley and Laundry
  • Deck stores
  • Salvatage
  • Structure / Tubes & Pipes
  • Anchor and Mooring
  • Navigation and Communication
  • Fire-Fighting
  • Electrical
  • PPE / CPE
  • Consumables
  • MRO
  • Tools
  • Painting / Marine Paint
  • Medical & Hospital Materials

Main Services


Purchasing Management

Safety and trust to make your order.


Spot Purchases

A higher flexibility to purchase.


Docking Purchases

Spot Purchases specialized in Docking.


Maintenance Services

Get a highly trained team.