Spot Purchase

Compras Spot

The way how we see our customers’ needs makes us sure that one of the most important pillars is the flexibility, knowing how to deal with the particularities of each customer, makes our relationship extremely solid. By the way, our operations have been designed to serve both customers, those who have continuous demand for our solutions and those who have occasional and/or eventual demands. Thus, we offer Spot Purchase Services where our customers have punctual and specific demands. All the benefits and conveniences of our Purchasing Management Service are made available in the Spot Purchasing Service, making it extremely suitable for customers that fit with this service profile, but without a demand that justifies a continuous service.

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Main Services


Purchasing Management

Safety and trust to make your order.


Spot Purchases

A higher flexibility to purchase.


Docking Purchases

Spot Purchases specialized in Docking.


Maintenance Services

Get a highly trained team.